Wednesday, September 9, 2009

heeyy people...women are not for sale...!!!!

The first and largest of woman trafficking is transnational sex industry or international prostitution that involved several country in southeast Asia (Japan, Australia, Thailand). Entertainment girls, hospitality girls, prostitutes, massage girls, it all means the same thing. They're part of the globalization of the world's economy.  Only the products are women and children being sold for profit. Most of them is exporting workers and domestic workers. They are either recruited as tourist workers or are often kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery. In some countries there are actual markets where women are sold in the streets. Actually, they are young girls, ages 10-15. Some have not even reached the age of menstruation, many have no idea what sex is.

People did selling asian woman for their economic. Throughout world history, valued women is not as persons but as things, pieces of property to be bought and sold. There is one more of woman trafficking, it called ‘Mail Orde Brides’ that people in this world can buy a woman to be their brides through internet. But, after they own their brides, the women are often isolated and scared, many become virtual slaves in their own homes. Sometimes these "marriages" work out. Many times they don't and sometimes there are disastrous consequences. Women have been tortured and killed. Even, some people use their wives as prostitutes or for pornography. Actually, not all the husbands are psychotic, but the incidence of violence against mail-order brides is also extremely high as woman trafficking. There is so many case of woman trafficking, we can also see in our country that fathers have been forced to rape their daughters, and brothers to rape their sisters. The rapes are video recorded, and displayed on the Internet. In 2000, 17 Indonesian women working as housemaids abroad were killed or died under mysterious case and 46 others were tortured or sexually abused.

Sex trafficking exposes so much, the intersection between racism and sexuality, the disparity between the North and South. That's why it's so important. That's why the trafficking of women and children must be stopped. Decriminalize the women in prostitution. Criminalize the men who buy women and children and anyone who promotes sexual exploitation, and traffickers. Reject State policies and practices that channel women into conditions of sexual exploitation. The government has to give attention to sexual exploitation, including prostitution, pornography, sex tourism, and mail order bride selling. They should be working with national and international policy makers, woman's rights and human rights advocates, it promotes the fundamental human right of women and children, in particular, girls, to be free from sexual exploitation. The government also can prevents trafficking by educating boys and girls in schools and communities in different parts of the world and by training teachers, professionals, police, governmental authorities and the public about the harm of sexual exploitation and ways to resist and avoid it.

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