Thursday, September 10, 2009

entertainment in Indonesian that should be developed

Music is part of life. Without you realized it, music is anywhere and anytime. It is in our mind and heart, our campus or office, at home, when you are shopping, etc. it is the most important physical evidence for many places. Can you imagine if this world has no music? Life will be boring. It is very important because music is medium for express and explains to other people, even to the world about people feelings, people thoughts, people’s opinion or critic about something and so much more the function of music. Many people express their personality trough the music he likes, so we can understand what character he is. Not only for personal express, music is a good business industry, we can hire singer to make a song, and we can sell it, so many people likes music. Music controls some people, for example if you hear a slow jazz music, then you will feel so calm and comfort, and if you hear rock music, you will feel energetic and enthusiastic. Music still needs to be developed to be better again in the future. That’s way music is very important.

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