Monday, September 21, 2009


"Summary of Seminar by Thomas Sugiarto"

The great success starts from:
        B -- Believing
          L -- Learning
          A -- Action

1. Believing of a big dream will come true.
        “Think the end of the mind” by Steven Covey
2. Believe before it happen, think that you can do it.
3. Believe that you can change to be the risk taker in 3 risks:
        - Invest your time
        - Invest your feeling
        - Invest your money

There are 3 internalization processes of dream:
        1. Must be in visual or written
        2. Visualization in times per day
        3. Keep it in your sub-conscious mind
        4. Let the dream related with your emotion

1. Your ability,
Must be confidence of your potential
2. Responsibility,
Success starts from inside of you, first step, and absolutely it starts from now
3. Study,
Factors that will affect the successfully or failure:
1. External factors:
        - Economic
        - Weather
2. Internal factors:
        - Responsibility
        - Accountable
        - Blame others
        - Excuses
        - Justify
Control all the things that you can control, and then you can control your life.

1. To make bold to take action
2. To make bold to be fail
3. To make bold to raise again
4. To make a plan: “Goal into action”

There are 5 major factors that encouraging an action:
1. Pressure and fearful
2. Desire and try to get the best
3. Grateful
4. Charitable, i.e. join social organization,
“The more you give, the more you get”
5. Love your family

To gain your goal, you must be SMART
        S  -- Specific
        M -- Measurable
        A -- Achievable
        R --
        T --
Time Bond

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